Monday, February 14, 2011

Johnny's Lotion Purchases!

Lotion! They are definitely my weakness. I REALLY don't need to buy any more lotion, but I always do. These were my latest purchase at Bath & Body Works!

1. Cherry Blossom Body Lotion, $10.50: The scent is described as only being cherry blossoms. Well, I don't know what that's supposed to smell like, but this lotion has a very bright floral scent. It kind of has hints of roses, but it's nothing really heavy. It also has hints of cherries, so kind of like cherries + roses. I would consider this a fall scent because I think most floral scents are fall+winter. However, you can get away with wearing this whenever. Also, this is the redesigned version of BBW's Cherry Blossom. I don't know if they changed the formula/scent or just the packaging, but regardless, this is a nice floral scent.

2. Apricot Vanilla, $10.50: This scent was originally part of the Summer Vanillas Collection, but they went on to include it into the Signature Collection. This scent is described as a blend of apricots and vanilla. I can definitely smell the vanilla, and although I don't know what apricot smells like, I can definitely smell something else. The scent is really sugary/sweet, almost like candy. That being said, I LOVE sugary/sweet/candy scents, and this scent is one of my favorites from BBW. Obviously, this is a summer scent, but I've been wearing it lately.

3. Fiji Passionfruit, $10.50: This was one of the three Island Escapes scents for Spring 2011. This scent is described as a blend of passionfruit, mandarin orange, apricot nectar and lime zest. This is a really odd scent to me. I can smell hints of the orange and passionfruit, but it's kind of a heavy/dark scent. It also has a really weird sour-esque hint to it. Overall, It's not something I prefer and the whole scent is just really odd to me. I haven't worn it yet, so maybe it smells different once applied. Who knows?

4. Bali Mango, $10.50: This was another one of the Island Escapes scent. This scent is describes as a blend of mango, sugar cane, pink passionflower and nectarine. This scent is much better than the Fiji one. You can really smell the mangoes and nectarine. It's a nice fresh fruity smell for spring. It's not really one of my top, but it definitely is worth checking out if you like fruity/mango scents. 

If you plan on going to BBW any time soon, make sure you check online for coupons. They ALWAYS have coupons or some kind of sale going on in their store. Make sure you do your research to get the most bang for your buck! I also have tons of other lotions, so tell me if you want me to review those.

What are your favorite scents?
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Love, Johnny

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Johnny's Magazine Purchases!

I've recently been on a magazine spree because I have nothing better to do with my life the read about famous people. All of these were my first time buying and reading them, so I'll give you my opinions.

1. V, Spring Preview 2011, Issue 69, $6.50: This was the first magazine I picked up and I was drawn to it because of Nicki Minaj (my love). I really had no idea what V was about, but I soon figured it was a fashion magazine. This issue talked about the hottest people/places/things we should know about for 2011. I loved the magazine because of all the fashion ads and even though the only main article was about the hottest things, it was still really interesting and fun to read. It is quite pricey, but it's worth it if you're really interested in fashion.

2. Vanity Fair, February 2011, Issue 606, $4.99: I've heard about Vanity Fair, but I never really knew what they talked about. To be honest, I only picked this up because of Justin Bieber (my other love). I thought this magazine was entertainment-oriented, but it talks about many other things like current events and politics. Don't get me wrong, I like to be in the know about things happening in the world, but this magazine just seemed really boring to me. The only fun bits were the articles about Justin and the fashion ads.

3. Vogue, February 2011, $3.99: I picked this up yesterday and I was excited to start reading. I admit the only reason I got it is because Lady Gaga (my third love) is going to be on the cover for March and I wanted to get a taste of what the magazine is like. Vogue is also a fashion magazine and I admit I enjoy reading it. My only problem is that the first half of the magazine is basically fashion ads, many I've already seen from the other magazines. However, there are many articles later on and I thought there was a lot of entertaining/informative articles to read for only being $4. Definitely worth buying.

What are your favorite magazines?
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Love, Johnny

Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 under $10!

With the holidays coming up I thought this blog would be a good start! Every year I find myself trying to find gifts for friends within a reasonable price, so I've
put together my top ten gifts for this year under 10 dollars!
I think all of these gifts are adorable and I'm sure your friends will too! 

KeyCaps! $8.00
These mac and cheese key caps are absolutely adorable! It's really annoying trying to figure out which keys go where, and these keycaps will definitely help your keys stand out! You can keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend!(cute idea!)  

Pink Perfume Ornament $10
This Pink Wish perfume is the pefect stocking stuffer/gift!
It's a blend of peony and vanilla and smell amazing. 
The perfume comes in a little box with a string to make it look like an ornament, how cute!!
With the price of 10 dollars, this is also another cute gift to give a friend! 
ELF four piece bamboo brush set $10
Who could resist a brush kit?! This would be a good gift to give because brushes always 
come in handy! I also love the little bag it comes in and the colors of the brushes, very simple!
This set includes a :
Complexion Brush
*Concealer Brush
*Blending Eye Brush
*Mini Kabuki Brush
*Brush Bag 

ELF Essential Eye Shadow Palette $3.00
ELF always has cheap makeup that's affordable and good! 
This palette contains six neutral shades perfect for any holiday!
These colors are pretty pigmented and can be paired with pretty much any outfit
you wear! 

PINK water bottles $12
Although these are not 10 dollars, they're still a cute gift!
For only 2 extra dollars you can gift these cute water bottles to anyone!
Not to mention, they are perfect for class!
I absolutely love these water bottles because they have cute designs on them. 
Water bottles are a great gift to give even if it's a weird thing to give to someone, but 
if they have a cute design, why not gift it?!
PINK always has cute stuff, so these bottles are perfect for anyone!

OPI by Sephora Nail Polish $9
I just had to incorporate nail polish in somehow!
This  red cherry color is perfect for the Christmas season and has a touch of glitter!
Nail polishes make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves nail polish like me!

Bath and Body works mini box gift $10
Giving lotions and sprays for Christmas is the perfect gift. 
This mini set includes a cute box to put them in and can be used later!
I'm pretty sure everyone loves bath and body works and will eventually use this sometime!
Bath and body works has some great deal going on also!

Ae bracelet $10
Jewelry in general is also another good gift to give. 
AE has so much jewelry on sale and it's usually buy one get one half off!

Sephora color wand for lips. $10
This thing is so cool! I definitely want one!
At first, when I saw this I was confused, but then I looked closer
and noticed that it's a twistable lipgloss stick!
There are no words for this but: coolest gift to give ever!
And it's only 10 dollars!

Piggy Bank $10
Target sells the cutest piggy banks ever!
They usually have them for every holiday and this one is no different. 
No matter how old you are, you can never get old of piggy banks!
Where else would we keep our loose change we never use?!
I love this reindeer one! Target also sells a whole little collection of 
Christmas themed piggy banks.
One of my favorite gifts to give people!

These are my top  picks for 10 things under 10 dollars for 
the holidays. 


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bath & Body Works Haul & Coupons!

We recently ordered some things from Bath & Body Works and we wanted to share it with you guys!

The items came in this cardboard box. It was pretty big, but that's because we bought a lot of stuff.

When I opened it, it had this stuffing inside, which protected the items and made sure they didn't break or spill everywhere.

When I took the stuffing out, it had a bunch of coupons inside, which I'll share with you guys!

Yay, lotion!

All the lotion we got!
Top (Johnny): Berry Vanilla, PS I Love You, Butterfly Flower, Secret Wonderland, Mango Mandarin
Bottom (Hatel): Berry Vanilla, PS I Love You, Dark Kiss, Vanilla Bean Noel, Orange Sapphire

How much did it cost?
The total was $56.71, so we each paid $28.36
Bath & Body had a special buy 3, get 2 free, so we ended up getting 2 free lotions each.
We also used a coupon to get $10 off if we bought $30 and since we had $50 worth, we got free shipping!
Overall, we saved $57.29 or $28.65 each, which is how much we paid!

1. Buy 3 + get 2 free or buy 2 + get 1 free online or in stores!

Coupons (Use one):
2. Online code:  F102776  - get $10 off any $30 purchase and get free shipping with any $50 purchase. Expires December 12th.
3. Online code: 20HOLIDAY - get 20% off and $3 shipping. Expires November 19th.
There are tons of others, but these two give you the most money off.
4. We also have another one for 20% off and free shipping, but it's a one time offer. So, if you want it, just comment or email us!

4. Register to Bath & Body to get a free $5 travel sized item coupon!

Hopefully, this helps you save some money if you plan on buying anything! We're going to do a video haul of the lotion soon!
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Love, Johnny.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 5 "Hatel" Things

I guess since Johnny made this post, I thought I would follow in his footsteps. Plus, it's a good way to start off a blog! Kudos to Johnny! With that being said, here are my top 5 things that I love!
1. Drenched in PINK Lotion and body mist. 
 I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I bought some a few weeks ago and fell in love. Not only does this lotion smell amazing, it's very moisturizing! PINK sells about five or six different scents accompanied with body mists. Usually, they have deals going on where you can buy 2 for $22 or 3 for $30! I definitely recommend this body lotion and mist to anyone looking for a new scent/lotion!

2. Nail Polish!
For anyone who is ever around me knows I absolutely LOVE nail polish! I don't think you can ever have enough nail polish.... maybe that's because I own a whole container full, but I just can't help it. This OPI nail color in 'Dim Sum Plum' is one of my all time favorites. This polish is a deep plum but not purple color, perfect for fall! It's from the Hong Kong collection and I'm pretty sure you can still find this in beauty stores that sell OPI. I think about a year ago I started collecting them and eventually my collection just tripled in size!! Either way, nail polishes are amazing and I don't think I'll ever have enough.

3. Scarves! 
I adore scarves! I don't think I even owned a scarf until I started college. I think walking around in the cold pretty much gave me an excuse to buy one. Either way, I love when winter comes because it gives me an excuse to whip out my bag full of scarves. I love pairing a scarf with a basic tee or coat because you don't want to over-do it. Pair a scarf with a basic tee/ tank(depending on the weather) and some cute earrings and viola! You have your outfit for the day. Scarves are all various prices and some can be pretty expensive, but if you wait around for the store to have a sale, you can easily buy a scarf for $3( I've bought several scarves from American Eagle, who has some adorable scarves every year, for less than five dollars when they had a huge sale!). Oh yeah, circle scarves are definitely one of my new favorite types of scarves, so next time you're out looking for a new scarf, try a circle scarf!!

4. Necklaces and Rings
 Necklaces and Rings definitely add a little pop to any outfit. The necklace pictured here is so cute! Not to mention both items are less than 10 dollars at F21 online! I've fell in love with double/connecting rings recently. I'm not sure how many people have actually worn them, but  they're all really cute and different from a regular one-fingered ring. Forever 21 sells a variety of these connector rings, which are usually under 10 dollars.... that's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! I love this necklace and totally plan on buying it eventually. The little asian girl is cute and there's a little fan connected to the necklace as well even though you can't see it. You can totally pair any of these accessories to a simple outfit to add a little pop to a day outfit. If you're looking for cute, inexpensive jewelry, check out forever 21!! Alot of their jewelry is less than 10 dollars and obviously cute!

5. Cross-body bags
 Cross-body bags definitely come in handy all the time. These bags come in handy all the time for me! I find it easier to just put this across my body instead of carrying a heavy purse on my shoulder. The bag pictured is from American Eagle and is $24.50. I have this bag and same color( light pink/ rose). It's pretty simple and the leather material on it is very smooth. Cross-body bags are convenient when you go out and don't need a lot of things. Usually if you go out you just need your phone, keys, lipgloss and a wallet, so there's no point in carrying a huge purse around where you may end up losing/misplacing it!  This bag comes in 4 additional colors and has a lot of space inside for all your stuff!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 5 "Johnny" Things!

Johnny here! To start things off, I'm going to post the top 5 things that makes me, well, me!

1. Lip Balm!

Lip balms have always been my #1 obsession. I started collecting them ever since I was in middle school. And let's be honest, you can't really have too much because you never know when you will need it and it runs out! My top lip balm right now is the eos lip balm. One costs around $3.50, but trust me when I say they last forever! Definitely worth the money and it smells great!

2. Hoodies!

Hoodies are great because you can just slip them on whenever you just don't feel like taking the time to dress up. There's also countless different variations and styles that you can wear. My current obsession is college hoodies because I'm going off to college next year and I definitely want to represent whatever college I go to.

3. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer!

This is such a cute and clever creation. Basically, you hook the hand sanitizer holder on your keychains/purse/whatever and stick a hand sanitizer bottle in it. You can never be too sure these days with all those diseases running around and the holders come in tons of different designs and colors. Not to mention all the different scents of hand sanitizer. I think the holder is $1 and the hand sanitizer is $1.50. This is something everyone should have!

4. Key Chains!

Key chains are basically an accessory that shows off your personality and enhances your appearance. And who doesn't love having cute key chains? Of course, you have to watch out that you don't have a bunch all at once. I got the one in the picture from Old Navy a while back, but I'm sure you could pretty much find it anywhere since it's a popular design.

5. Socks!

I love wacky and crazy socks. They are a basic component of an outfit, but they don't have to be boring! I always wear bright and colorful socks and people always complement me on them. Usually, I get the socks that are on sale because I never go shopping with the intent of getting a particular pair. I have the red pair in the picture and I believe I got it for $2 or so.

Hope you enjoyed this! What are some things that make you, you? :)
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Love, Johnny.


Welcome to our blog!

This blog was mainly created because we've been having a hard time making videos since we don't live in the same city anymore. This blog allows our viewers to be updated and entertained for those periods of time where we don't have new videos to watch.

Obviously, we will take turns alternating and post whatever we feel like posting, whenever we feel like it.

Requests are always appreciated!

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