Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bath & Body Works Haul & Coupons!

We recently ordered some things from Bath & Body Works and we wanted to share it with you guys!

The items came in this cardboard box. It was pretty big, but that's because we bought a lot of stuff.

When I opened it, it had this stuffing inside, which protected the items and made sure they didn't break or spill everywhere.

When I took the stuffing out, it had a bunch of coupons inside, which I'll share with you guys!

Yay, lotion!

All the lotion we got!
Top (Johnny): Berry Vanilla, PS I Love You, Butterfly Flower, Secret Wonderland, Mango Mandarin
Bottom (Hatel): Berry Vanilla, PS I Love You, Dark Kiss, Vanilla Bean Noel, Orange Sapphire

How much did it cost?
The total was $56.71, so we each paid $28.36
Bath & Body had a special buy 3, get 2 free, so we ended up getting 2 free lotions each.
We also used a coupon to get $10 off if we bought $30 and since we had $50 worth, we got free shipping!
Overall, we saved $57.29 or $28.65 each, which is how much we paid!

1. Buy 3 + get 2 free or buy 2 + get 1 free online or in stores!

Coupons (Use one):
2. Online code:  F102776  - get $10 off any $30 purchase and get free shipping with any $50 purchase. Expires December 12th.
3. Online code: 20HOLIDAY - get 20% off and $3 shipping. Expires November 19th.
There are tons of others, but these two give you the most money off.
4. We also have another one for 20% off and free shipping, but it's a one time offer. So, if you want it, just comment or email us!

4. Register to Bath & Body to get a free $5 travel sized item coupon!

Hopefully, this helps you save some money if you plan on buying anything! We're going to do a video haul of the lotion soon!
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Love, Johnny.

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